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Kid Kulinaire: A Web Site Parents and Kids Will Love Web Site

Kid Kulinaire: A Web Site Parents and Kids Will Love Kid Kulinaire (Family • Food • Fitness • Fun) is an entertaining and educational website intended to help combat the global childhood obesity epidemic, promote wellness, and enhance family time. Today’s children are bombarded with 10,000* food and beverage advertisements a year. This marketing is […]

Jean Paul LeBosnoyani: Don’t let this 11-year-old Throw You

Jean Paul LeBosnoyani

Jean Paul LeBosnoyani is a Hermosa Beach fifth-grader who likes to study math, science and social studies. But he’s also a trained fighter who could subdue a man twice his size, break his arm and choke him with just a few graceful movements. The 11-year-old is a two-time jiujitsu world champion who has taken home […]

Victor Marx: Inspiration

Victor Marx

ABOUT VICTOR MARX Victor Marx is founder and President of “All Things Possible,” a national faith-based organization. He has been working with troubled youth for two decades. His presentations as a speaker nationwide both inspire and motivate listeners. He provides a unique and effective approach for character development and behavior modification by helping youth excel […]

Stomp The Bullying

Stomp the Bullying

Stomp The Bullying tackles the bullying epidemic “Stomp the Bullying” is a concept that 25 year Guardian Angel and international martial arts expert Sean P. Kelley created to tackle the bullying epidemic our society is facing. Children commit suicide, or turn to violence committing such acts as school shooting sprees due to the on-going problem with […]